Nokia C3 and BlackBerry Pearl 3G going up for Vodafone UK

both, the c3 and the pearl 3g 9105 have showed up on the coming rapidly web page of vodafone uk. the two phones had just been announced but obviously it won't take them too long to initiate selling.


while we just know what the price of the c3 will be (nokia told that the buzz will be selling for 90 bucks before taxes and subsides) we can only speculate how much the pearl 3g will charge. nokia c3 is nokia's first qwerty piano equipped article headset and it is also one of the excellent few non-smartphones made by the finns packing wi-fi encourage. the ring will be untaken on pay as you go but vodafone uk are still mum on when that's leaving to happen.


as far as the blackberry pearl 3g is uneasy, vodafone have scheduled only the qwerty-less version of the smartphone, the 9105. this is the first blackberry badge to sport wi-fi 802.11n espouse. it also has a built-in gps receiver and a 3-megapixel autofocus camera. it's still not release when just it will hit the vodafone uk food.


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    • geek : it seems like its enough time for google nexus, as nobody is loving it.
    • neck : I just love this event to HTC overview.
    • ash : I m keen to buy this windows 7 mobile phone. any one knows when is it coming out ?
    • Aman : I am just think why these people running symbian 3 on nokia ??
    • jermy : thank you for letting us know about it :)