Galaxy S and Samsung S8500 Wave play 720p DivX

the samsung s8500 wave is the world's first divx certified for hd buzz with the samsung i9000 galaxy s close behind. and the samsung wave is there for preorder in the uk not long after it showed up in german online suppliers.

thhe first for the wave is the divx hd certification - it can play 720p videos with the best of them. that's great and all, it would have been finished with an a little hdmi out.
the samsung s8500 wave is the first to cause two exciting new goods from samsung - bada os and the stunning super amoled divide.

both phones flock 5-megapixel cameras skillful of capturing 720p record and are at the sharp sharpness of connectivity - both introduce 802.11n wi-fi and bluetooth 3.0. the samsung s8500 wave comes with both 2gb or 8gb of internal recall while the samsung i9000 galaxy s packs also 8gb or 16gb. the newly announced samsung i9000 galaxy s is receiving the certificate too, however it will be a while before it hits the bazaar. the galaxy s runs an immensely customized android 2.1. the galaxy s boasts a super amoled transmit too, but it's 4" versus the 3.3" show of the wave.

the samsung s8500 wave showed up at a connect of german online stores a combine of years ago, but nowadays it appeared in a uk gather too. it's up for preorder for 339 pounds (380 euro). the release is set for may 17.

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