Various brands overview in MWC 2010

along with advertise leaders there are adequate of minor manufacturers who are dedicated to make a take with some interesting strategy. on the following pages you will find a rushed of all those. we're starting off with acer, newbies in the itinerant telephone industry, but a world chief manufacturer when it comes to cell computers. acer is no small name, but their forte is computers. in movable handset language they are newbies with a relatively curt (but still high-end) case.

at the mwc 2010 they announced four new smartphones, along with an efficient rendering of their android-operation liquid. check out the live photos that we rushed at their stand and delay tuned for our first impressions approach up.

acer neotouch p300 : running on window mobile 6.5, acer neotouch p300 relies on a slide-out filled qwerty keybord to include its texting needs. the handset is built around a 3.2" touchscreen spectacle and runs on a 528 mhz qualcomm cpu.

there isn't a wow thing or something about the p300 motif but it's not too bad each. it carries the air of a firm tool, appealing than a shiny doohickey to claim about to your links. the acer neotouch p300 is actually cute compact for an inclusive qwerty aspect-slider. despite that the qwerty keyboard allows for upright typing alacrity, with well used window and clothed outline.  its performance on the other hand is pretty concrete. its no snapdragon inside and it shows but the occasional cover is not truly that bothering.

acer neotouch p400 :  the following winmo 6.5 symbol by acer is the first portion of a twin couple. acer neotouch p400 is a complete stir handset with very little hardware wheel whatsoever.

we do like its construct better than the one of its faintly sink-end winmo cousin. the business we hardened didn't have much to do in language of ui customization. the four keys below the parade also hint-touchy but necessary a somewhat harder induce than the ceremony to record a click. we postulate they will fix that before it hits the shelves to equalize the struggle desired and make up for a seamless transition.  the faintly earlier 600 mhz feels well on the hvga partition break most menus and applications in an instant.

acer betouch e400 : this is of course has done to outfit the individual needs of the different platforms but the universal hardware is wholly identical. the instant twin is acer betouch e400 - a rotund-stir handset operation on android 2.1 and fair a 3.2" hvga hide. at first glance it's nearly indistinguishable from its winmo brother, but the closer look reveals that the software keys are different.  the acer betouch e400 packs some of the acer's home-brewed ui tweaks but not as many as the liquid e. its performance is pretty good while.

an interesting thing to letter is that the betouch e400 is among the few android handsets that don't sport a capacitive panel. it suffers a bit in language of responsiveness compared to the liquid but it should compensate with better accuracy.

acer liquid e : the third and last android handset announced by acer is easily an updated story of their trendy liquid phone. the acer liquid e runs on side 2.1 (eclair) of the google os, but doesn't earn any hardware updates whatsoever. acer also added the new version of their home-baked consumer border to the liquid e. it sports more transition property, some new buttons and looks usually better than on the unique liquid and the acer e400.

acer betouch e110
: the other new member of the betouch family - acer betouch e110 is an entrance-parallel ring with a 2.8" present of qvga resolution. its adept string will be intensely appreciated by users who judge that an itinerant ring is good while it's gifted of making that call.

you don't see resistive touchscreen android handsets too often but this is the second for nowadays. the acer betouch e110 is also among the very few google os powered strategy to have this low test resolution. if truth be told, the android os doesn't look very attractive on qvga, with the icons being both too big and coarse. it looks like the developers never although android would run on policy like that and the platform was never optimized for low-res displays.

nevertheless the truth that the e110 isn't the most impressive device in terms of features doesn't mean we don't get acer's headland in releasing it. the company is obviously tiresome to achieve something big as a maker of phones and that regularly means it has to look at the pile promote too. now, they only require to find a way for their low-end procedure not to look that shameful.


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