Lets see the LG GS290 Cookie Fresh

lg gs290 is the 3rd cookie next to the announcement of its superior brother - the gs500 cookie plus. the new babe lowers the camera resolution and lacks 3g, but retains the cartoon ui and orthodox audio jack.

the goggles pane resembles the novel cookie, but the camera is downgraded to 2 megapixel resolution and there's a flag 3.5mm jack added. the balance of the skin stay intact - 3-shuffle resistive touchscreen, bluetooth, fm radio and microsd card slot.  last month giant leader lg announced two new cookie handsets - the gs500 cookie plus and the gs290, but only bare the goggles of the cookie plus. fortunately lg set that right with the today's correct announcement of the gs290 cookie fresh. the lg gs290 cookie fresh will be on shelves in 10 different flags all over europe and asia later this month.

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    • geek : it seems like its enough time for google nexus, as nobody is loving it.
    • neck : I just love this event to HTC overview.
    • ash : I m keen to buy this windows 7 mobile phone. any one knows when is it coming out ?
    • Aman : I am just think why these people running symbian 3 on nokia ??
    • jermy : thank you for letting us know about it :)