Nokia Nuron, HTC HD2, Motorola CLIQ XT are available on T Mobile

it's the real end of a saga - the nokia 5230, htc hd2, the nuron and the motorola cliq xt have indoors at the t-mobile usa shop. it's been alleged many times before but the trio is unfilled at long last - each one with a different os, each one with a different thing open for it.

the htc hd2 is open for 199 us dollars. the htc hd2 can rightfully statement it's the top dog of the windows mobile 6.5 world (no windows phone 7 for the hd2 however). still, the hardware is brilliant and, whether winpho 7 can beat winmo 6 + sense ui remainder to be seen.

the nokia 5230 nuron can be in your pocket for 69$. the nokia 5230 nuron on the other hand isn't the top dog of symbian, but it's probably the cheapest satnav you can find. it comes with nokia maps preinstalled along with a free voice guided navigation license. also you can download whichever map you like and it doesn't use over-the-air facts.

the motorola cliq xt is priced at 129 dollars. the motorola cliq xt (or quench external the us) is a solid mid-variety entrance into the world of android. plus, 5mp camera and motoblur ui (which we very liked on the motorola backflip) sound like a bargain.


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    • geek : it seems like its enough time for google nexus, as nobody is loving it.
    • neck : I just love this event to HTC overview.
    • ash : I m keen to buy this windows 7 mobile phone. any one knows when is it coming out ?
    • Aman : I am just think why these people running symbian 3 on nokia ??
    • jermy : thank you for letting us know about it :)